Your WellRedApps Team

Astonishingly passionate

WellRedApps was founded upon the belief that a lot of good apps die before they are made, simply because there is no one passionate enough to make them. We decided to change that.

Located in the Portland suburb of Lake Oswego, OR, WellRedApps specializes in beginning-to-end software development for iOS and Mac OS X. We can help you research, brand, message, design, code and support apps of any size and scope.

Our clients include ExtensisVersionTrackerMacForceneutralspace, AboutUsSoftpressGadgetTrakNW Media, Kiosk, Hustler CasinoSportsPicker, MobilityPR, Smile Software, AV Awakenings, and Dutch Bros.


Cast of Characters

Ian Schray Chief Talker

Ian Schray

Chief Talker

Logan Holmes Alpha Coder

Logan Holmes

Alpha Coder

Katie Wagner Pixel Tamer

Katie Wagner

Pixel Tamer

Lane Watson Client Wrangler

Lane Watson

Client Wrangler

Karla Smith Letter Arranger

Karla Smith

Letter Arranger


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